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Wetlands & Waterways

Enviro Culture Services has been helping our clients work around wetlands and waterways for over 15 years.

We have a range of equipment with different options of rubber tracks/ high flotation tyres to minimise ground disturbance. We can also specifically target undesirable vegetation with either specialised mulchers or mowers.

Wetlands and Waterways at Enviro Culture Services NSW & VIC

Some of the more specific services for wetland zones that we offer are;

  • Planting out newly constructed wetlands/urban biobasins to create new habitat areas
  • Flocculation of new wetlands to reduce turbidity by accelerating particle settlement
  • Regular maintenance e.g trash rack clean outs, desilting, removing excess sedges that may block water flows
  • Water quality and erosion control strategies such as hydrospray application of stabilisers, installation of coir logs, jute matting leaky weirs and rock beaching
  • Control of undesirable plants to maintain intended functions of the basin/wetlands
Revegetation Blocks, Tubestock Planting

If a large-scale tree block for visual screening or wind protection is required or smaller targeted revegetation projects, we can assist with recommending and supplying tube stock suitable for your site.

We can either hand plant tube stock for revegetation zones or for large open sites specialised equipment can be used for efficient planting of high volumes of tube stock.

We can also supply and install stakes and guards to protect your new plantings.

Revegetation Blocks and Tubestock Planting at Enviro Culture Services NSW & VIC
Ground Preparation & Deep Ripping at Enviro Culture Services NSW & VIC
Ground Preparation & Deep Ripping

Soil compaction can occur following civil works where large equipment has frequently travelled.

Sites intended for revegetation benefit from some preliminary work to improve establishment conditions.

Cultivation breaks up the soil to allow penetration of natural rainfall and root establishment, while deep ripping is useful where a more profound root establishment is desired to access subsoil moisture. We have a variety of equipment suitable for ground preparation - please get in touch with us to discuss which may be the most suitable for your site.

Woody Weeds

Most species of woody weed are invasive with the potential to spread causing economic and environmental impacts where they crowd out desirable native vegetation, choke watercourses, & deplete oxygen levels in the water.

Specialised equipment is used to remove willows from steep, difficult-to-access terrain.

Enviro Culture Services offers follow-up bank stabilisation works following woody weed removal, such as rock beaching, log placement and pinning, jute meshing and soil stabilisers.

Willow Removal at Enviro Culture Services NSW & VIC
Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is an environmentally friendly way of clearing and restoring land as compared to older methods of clearing, such as grubbing or windrow burning. Specialised equipment processes woody vegetation, leaving a fine mulch layer behind to degrade and return nutrients to the soil naturally.

Forestry Mulching at Enviro Culture Services NSW & VIC

Some of the benefits of Forestry Mulching are;

  • When forest mulching occurs, specific areas (or targeted species) can be cleared more carefully and selectively -especially useful for the removal of woody weeds such as elm suckers, blackberry canes, or tree of heaven.
  • Soil degradation and compaction are minimised, with no need to haul away debris.
  • The process is more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional land-clearing methods, and the processed waste is left on site to leave a top layer of mulch.
  • Tree/bush thining practice is efficiently and effectively achieved with forest mulching.
  • Forestry mulching helps manage bushfires by creating firebreaks, and/or reducing understorey vegetation which often fuels bushfires.
Leaky Weirs, Rock Beaching and Erosion Matting

Each of these techniques is useful in various applications to stabilise soil and can be used alone or in combination.

Jute matting is a biodegradable layer that helps loose soil stay in place while vegetation cover is established. Rock beaching is typically used as a buffer to disperse the energy of moving water and leaky weirs are timber barriers used in gullies as a long-term approach to slow-run off flows and trap sediment.

These strategies can be put in place early as a preventative measure at the beginning of a project or as a rehabilitation strategy for sites with existing damage - please contact us to arrange a site inspection to allow our team to assess and suggest appropriate treatments.

Leaky Weirs, Rock Beaching and Erosion Matting at Enviro Culture Services NSW & VIC

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